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Climate Carbon

Climate Carbon is a Canada-based organization committed to combating climate change and enhancing people’s lives by striving to make the world a climate-neutral place, meaning each and every person takes responsibility for their own carbon footprint.

In an attempt to do so, we finance, implement, and administer carbon reduction and offsetting projects all around the world to help individuals and organizations take responsibility for their carbon impact. We ensure that each carbon credit offset you purchase delivers real carbon reductions, job creation, and restored ecosystems. We offer both forest restoration and clean energy projects.

Carbon Offsets

We aim at helping people and business entities, whether small or large, to do their part in the global challenge of decreasing carbon emissions. 

All you have to do is simply use our carbon footprint calculator and buy carbon offsets, according to your emissions, from the following categories:

  • Offsets By Tonnes
  • Total Household Footprint Offsets
  • Food And Drink Offsets
  • Vehicle Offsets
  • Home Energy Offsets
  • Flight Offsets

Business Carbon Offsets

Neutralize the impact of your businesses’ carbon footprint by backing the carbon credit offset projects with Climate Carbon.

Funds collected through your purchase of carbon offsets Canada are contributed to these projects:

  • Landfill gas capture: Converts harmful greenhouse gases into renewable electricity.
  • Farm power: Using anaerobic digesters to reduce negative environmental impact.
  • Wind farms: Go green with clean energy.
  • Coal mine methane capture: Capturing methane to generate electricity.


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